Funeral Zone Reviews

Find out more about Funeral Zone’s five-star rating system

Last updated: 28 November 2016

Funeral Zone Reviews are there to help you make an informed decision when choosing a funeral director. These reviews are based on a five-star system and allow you to compare funeral directors near you quickly and easily.

Unlike other business rating sites, Funeral Zone Reviews are always authentic, because only the bereaved who have used a Funeral Zone-listed funeral director have access to the review system. This means that none of the reviews left on Funeral Zone are fake.

You can also be assured that Funeral Zone Reviews are not ‘cherry-picked’ by the funeral director, as the review process is moderated by Funeral Zone itself, and not the individual companies. This means funeral directors cannot delete negative reviews in favour of positive ones.

You may notice that a lot of funeral directors listed on Funeral Zone have five-star ratings. This is because these companies offer excellent, compassionate service to the bereaved. Those five-star reviews are all from real families who feel they have been given a top-quality service at a difficult time.

To see how the five-star review system works, compare funeral directors across Australia now.